How to Sell to Thinker Executives

I absolutely love this time of year. The days are long, the weather is warm, and I’ve watched and played many rounds of golf. Watching the world’s best golfers play some of the most beautiful and iconic courses in the world is something I look forward to every year. But it’s more than just the scenery—it’s the strategy. Golf is a thinking person’s game—a mental game.

There’s nothing quite like melding skill and strategy together on a golf course. Unless it’s in a boardroom and I’m meeting with executives. Selling is a thinking person’s game, too. And when you have a strategy on how to sell to your buyers, that’s better than a hole-in-one in my book.

So how does this relate to selling to executive buyers? Well, some executive buyers fall under the Thinker persona, and they are quite different than the first group of Charismatic Buyers we looked at. You need a different strategy to connect with Thinkers.

The Top Four Characteristics of Thinker Executives Are:
1. Thinkers are all about the process. They need to understand how you get from Point A to Point B—and it needs to make sense.
2. They are intelligent and competitive.
3. They will ask questions in the meeting because they want to know the good and the bad about everything.
4. They are more concerned about control than innovation.
Here Are Four Keys to Success when Dealing with Thinkers:
1. Involve them throughout the process. Get their ideas and get them excited about what you’re doing.
2. Your presentation needs to be in chronological order. Remember, they are all about process, so your meeting needs to be structured in a step-by-step process.
3. Openly communicate any concerns.
4. Address risks up front. Lay it out and allow them to process it.
With Thinkers, you need to walk them through what you’re doing and lay out exactly how you arrived at your conclusions. That’s the key to success in relating to them.
Make sure you check out next week’s blog when we discuss the Skeptic.

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