Your ability to acquire and retain customers is vital to your organization’s long-term success. You need an unconditional organization-wide commitment to Stellar Service™. Your people require the specific knowledge, skills, and behaviors that customers notice, appreciate, comeback for, and tell their friends about. Employees at every level need these customer service skills that help your entire organization:

  • Establish a reliable source of revenue by perpetuating existing customer relationships, reduce transaction time, and increase productivity without tarnishing the quality of the customer interaction
  • Transform first-time purchasers as well as your regulars into life time advocates
  • Differentiate yourself in a highly competitive market
  • Ensure your employees are champions of your organization
  • Encourage repeat and increased business by promoting an emotional attachment to your brand
  • Go beyond customer satisfaction by managing customer experiences with efficiency and care

Achieving Stellar Service™ Experiences is a comprehensive customer service training system designed to provide a range of critical service skills vital to customer satisfaction and loyalty and to organizational success. The system’s modular design allows participants to learn a range of skills foundational, situational, supportive, organizational, and strategic in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Learn more about how we can help the different levels of your organization in Customer Service Training by clicking on the sections of the triangle below.

Executives DEFINE Service Strategy
Training provides knowledge and skills that are critical to achieving business results. An organization’s success increases when top leaders and employees:
– Know where the organization is going.
– See a compelling reason for change.
– Understand the benefits to themselves and the organization.
– Experience opportunity and support for using those skills from training.
AchieveGlobal’s consultants work with the executive level of your organization to ensure your customer service solution effectively achieves lasting results—for your customers and your organization. Because your situation is unique, we tailor our approach, leveraging your strengths and addressing the critical issues.

Leading for Stellar Service®
This workshop is an organizational program designed for senior managers. It helps them translate strategy into actual plans, tools, and standards. It also includes foundational serv-ice concepts from a senior manager’s perspective. Organizational—skills, knowledge, and attitudes that help leaders direct the human, financial, and other resources of an organization toward successful delivery of desired behaviors.

Coaching for Stellar Service®
Develop empowerment, feedback, and performance recognition skills from a service coach’s perspective. Supportive—skills, knowledge, and attitudes that help coaches develop the desired behaviors in individuals.

Creating Stellar Customer Relations®
This workshop provides skills for developing the service mindset and behaviors that create loyalty among internal and external customers. Foundational—core skills, knowledge, and attitudes every individual should have.

Meeting the Challenge of Stellar Service®
This workshop helps frontline service providers master three important challenges of delivering stellar service. Situational—skills, knowledge, and attitudes that extend from the foundation to enable successful delivery of desired behaviors despite the uniqueness of certain situations.

Selling Through Stellar Service®
This workshop provides your employees with a proven Need Satisfaction Selling process. The training uses language and con-text appropriate for those who often feel that they’re not really salespeople. The skills help organizations to both save money by solving problems better and faster, and to make money through cross-selling and up-selling. Incremental—Skills, knowledge, and attitudes that help all employees expand customer relation-ships through selling additional needed products and services.