About: Nguyen Ha Dong

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  • Specialist in : Seed Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Nguyen Ha Dong is currently COO of a big MNC in charge of Vietnam –Indonesia–Thailand- Philippines, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Ha Dong has been training and consulting throughout Vietnam and other country for over 5 years as a world class trainer. Having worked and trained in a range of business sectors he is able to integrate his many years of experience into each training situation. Ha Dong is certified by AchieveGlobal/Miller Heiman Group Top Global company based in USA.

Ha Dong trains for Sales, Customer Service and Leadership, in both English and Vietnamese for many levels from middle to top management of some of Top 500 Fortune Company.

With an expertise in Economics, a focus on business administration, he brings great insight into training in a corporate setting. Ha Dong began his career in recruitment and project management. He quickly moved to Operations management and now works across 4 main countries, developing innovative sales procedures, fieldwork procedures and project management. In addition, through Ha Dong’s corporate and leadership background, he has gained skills in the key areas of leadership, teamwork, innovation, effective presentation and interpersonal communication skills, and demonstrating world class capability in areas of customer service.

Ha Dong has 18 years of Operations, Sale and Project Management experience in the marketing research industry.

He also has been involved in building career development portals to be used in a range of situations in Asia. His focus in building employee skill and productivity has lead to a very prominent career in training and consulting. During his time working for an International company focused in consumer knowledge and customer care, he was awarded the World Class Leader Award in 2012 along with the Special Award for Expertise and Innovation in 2010. He was also selected to be a part of a Global Rising Leaders training program, one of only 22 potential Top Global Leaders selected to train and build leadership skills to lead his corporation at headquarter.

Programs Ha dong has previously run include:

  • Rising Leaders program
  • Train the trainer
  • Advance Leadership
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Project Management Training
  • Marketing and Researchtraining sessions
  • Selling and Coaching Skillsprograms

Ha Dong is passionate about Training and believes in changing people and corporations in Vietnam through training. He affirms that a customer’s voice is important and that a company’s future lies in its ability to interact with customers. The capabilities he possesses means he delivers world class training programs with enthusiasm and effectiveness. This allows him to connect with participants and gain great results that lead to improved performance, enhanced customer service and increased profit.